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Trash Deity Re-Emerge with “Run 4 Your Lies!”

After getting a taste of Trash Deity back in November, Industrial fans have been waiting to hear what’s next from the duo of Groovie Mann (Franke Nardielly of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult) and JDN (John D. Norten of Blue Eyed Christ). “Finger on a Trigger” was a delicious throwback to the pair’s Chicago Industrial roots, shot through with a polished pop sensibility ala JDN’s production and engineering history, and their newest single, “Run 4 Your Lies!” continues that quality experience with a solid mix of growling lyrics and burnished soundscapes. The upcoming album of the same name has yet to be given a release date, but you can grab both “Finger on a Trigger” and “Run 4 Your Lies!” on iTunes NOW!

“Run 4 Your Lies!” is a maniac chant to raise the bored to Trash the dancefloor to create some electricity for the body dancing next to them! – Groovie Mann

“Run 4 Your Lies!” is the Chaos and Confusion of our Modern Times wrapped in a Hypnotic Industrial Dance Groove with a Throbbing Bass Pounding to the Universal Beat! – John D. Norten

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