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Single review: Nothin Right (feat. DAYVID) – Wolvo

“Nothin Right” has the full potential to be your next favourite party tune with upbeat dance vibes and a dominant bassline. This LA based producer recently dropped his first track on SoundCloud, resulting in over 428K listens in a month and blowing up corners of the internet where it matters.

From the start, featured vocalist DAYVID has a steady, singalong voice with a background of guitar and electric atmosphere that would fit in perfectly with any house playlist or summer night. The song as a whole starts by building up light-hearted beats and transitioning to a grittier outro near the end, with background noise adding more fullness to the track as memorable lyrics fade in and out.

Wolvo hits you with a heavy bass drop that is bound to get you dancing, it’s easy going melody is packed into only three and a half, radio-friendly minutes and guarantees you’ll have the song on repeat for the next two weeks.

Anyone with a taste for electronic will be waiting in anticipation for what Wolvo does next, with what is already proved to be an undeniable presence in 2017.


You can purchase the track on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nothin-right-feat-dayvid-single/id1198391030?i=1198391143


DAYVID on Twitter

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