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Jantsen & Dirt Monkey: Soltri Pt. 1

Side projects are generally an outlet for an artist’s less marketable music. Artists don’t set out to do much with it, but with Dirt Monkey & Jantsen they are looking to change the face of dance music with their new venture Soltri.

With Soltri, the duo plan to mesh genres from cultures all around the world with dance music. They have already pushed the boundaries of music with their solo projects, which have received support from the likes of Bassnectar, Rusko and Excision, but now they come together to double their power and creativity. It’s less of a side project and more of a new avenue to fully explore how far dance music can go.

Soltri Part 1 is complete with two hybrid bass singles that fuse acoustic elements with electronic counterparts. “Booty Bounce” kicks off the free EP in style with unique sounds and memorable melodies. “Wicked” pays homage to heavier styles of dance music without sacrificing any musicality. Each song is strong, tasteful and unparalleled. Soltri Part 1 is just the beginning.

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