After debuting in 2015, Kenzie Moore is ready to take the music industry by storm with her illustrious vocal ability and positive attitude. With similar vocals to Adele, Alicia Keys, and Sia, Kenzie is gearing up for her debut full-length due out this Fall. Off the debut comes “Body of Armor” (produced by Scotty Grand) a song about being someone’s armor. When relationships crumble, there is always that one friend, that confidant, that person that is always there to lean on, cry on, and be there for moral support. In this case, the song details an individual that is in love with her best friend, doesn’t mind being there for support but wants to know when it is her time to be everything. It is a love struggle, a battle if you will of being the support and allowing one’s heart to open to new possibilities. The 22 year old partnered with Girl’s Life to unveil her opening single and had a chance to sit down with them before playing her very first show in NYC opening for Heffron Drive last night. Check out the full premiere and interview here!

Twenty two year old Kenzie Moore, is an indie-pop singer/songwriter from Detroit and has been making music for as long as she can remember. Her inspiration began at a young age while swimming in Florida one summer. She has a distinct memory of innocently singing “The Little Mermaid” when a woman approached her and told her she has such a beautiful voice! Turns out the woman who approached her was the one and only, Celine Dion. Taking Dion’s advice to heart, Moore began singing in choirs, musicals, and truly any other opportunity that came her way. Moore began playing the piano at a very young age, it is clear that music comes to her so naturally because she taught herself and can learn simply by ear. When she was nineteen, she studied opera and singing in Rome for five months. This incredible experience only inspired Moore to work harder toward her ultimate goal of making it big in the world of music.

Moore’s writing style is heavily influenced by her personal experiences and love of books. She credits some of music’s most powerful women including Adele, Alicia Keys, and Sia; these three women have been an incredible influence to Moore. She hopes her music transcends age barriers and that people “both young and old, dog lovers, math haters, coffee addicts, and more” can enjoy the stories told through her lyrics. Her incredible debut EP ‘Stories’ reached #69 on the iTunes indie charts the first day it was released.

Moore eats, sleeps, and breathes music. She has been incredibly busy the last few years juggling an active social life and graduating with honors and a BBA in Finance from Loyola University Chicago, her life has never ceased to revolve around music. She truly loves all aspects of the process of songwriting and loves creating a narrative in her songs that everyone can relate to. She does everything she can to showcase her talents, but her main drive comes from witnessing the raw reaction from her audience at live shows. The most rewarding part for Moore is  hearing how her music personally affects each person. She is currently working on a full length follow-up to her debut EP “Stories” and can’t wait to release her newest work.

Although Kenzie’s real name is Mackenzie, she prefers to go by Kenzie, both in and out of the music world. “I have a very dry sense of humor; I come from that small town, with a big family.  I’ve had the same best friends for 20 years and our moms are best friends.” Having this sense of comfort with a big family and friend group has built up the proper support Moore needs to succeed in the music industry.


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