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Desert Dragons – Before the Storm

Desert Dragons – Before the Storm

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It’s not a mystery for anyone reading this, that the scene isn’t what it used to be back in the days. Even the most mainstream music was awesome and original which sadly isn’t too much of the case on 2016. And sure, in all honesty and truth be told, there are some cool artists out there that have been trying to create some unique and original and some of them archive that goal but those are really rare beasts in the industry. On the other hand, there are some old and iconic bands coming back to their roots, recently the first act that pops my mind is Metallica. Speaking of Metal and heavy music, I am pleased to introduce you to an act, Desert Dragon, that after hiatus are back to claim their place with their new material.

Before The Storm is pure and classic Hard Rock from tip to toe, “Desert Horizon” is filled with distorted guitar riffs, vocals that has anything to envy to legends like Bruce Dickinson and Dave Mustaine. Then we see the band changing their tone for the power ballad “Flying High” where we get to hear a more melodic overall song. And then, when you thought you knew every facet of the band, the band once again moves to new water with “Take It Easy Now”, it’s Country riffs blended with the classic rock sound of the band results in perhaps the most catchy and upbeat track off the record. As you keep listening throughout Before The Storm, Desert Dragon does nothing but improving and surprising us, leaving it very clear that they ain’t no one pony trick. With so many old active bands from the 80s -back when Metal along with New Wave was the sound of the decade- exploring new genres and styles or selling out, it’s exciting to see the music that made them huge stills prevails.

Now, there are bands that you can easily point with your judging finger and find their flaws, because they are so obvious. But then we get acts such as Desert Dragons that are hard to throw crap at them because they are so genuinely good. Perhaps, some metal purists may accuse the band of being a rip-off, but screw them. While they aren’t entirely original, these guys really knows how to master their craft and command the stage. The vocals are hands down, the best part of the whole record though I have to also applaud the rest of the band for keeping up with Joseph and maintaining the quality at the same time.

In conclusion, this is an album every metal fan of Stryper, Halloween and Poison should have. If you are tired of all this “new wave of metal” that’s more hardcore than anything else and deep in your heart you know you are kind of getting bored listening those classic albums over and over again, well, good news is that you have someone new to add to the list.

Rating: 9/10

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Before-Storm-Desert-Dragon/dp/B018EHR4ZE

by RJ Frometa

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