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Interview: A Darker Color Bright

Dark Pop/Mixed Media Solo Artist A Darker Color Bright (ADCB) has floated into the new electronic music scene with a bleak, minimalistic EP very simply entitled Adcbep1, along with enigmatic music videos for the singles “Fluorescent” in 2015 and “Missing You” in March of this year.  Both videos, though individually unique, emphasize the ascetic tone of the enigmatic songwriter/producer/director’s unconventional soundscapes, and create tremendous anticipation for more.

In an attempt to get inside the mysterious artist’s head, we sat down and tried to get some insight into the history and the man behind the music.  So check out both videos, grab a copy Adcbep1 on  iTunes or stream it on Pandora and Spotify, and see what you can make of his typically enigmatic answers below!

How would you describe yourself?


How did you start in music?  How old were you? What instruments did you initially play?  Did you receive any formal training or are you self-taught?

I’ve been around it all my life. My Grandmother played piano in church, My father was a DJ, All I ever wanted to do was learn every possible element of music. There are old family videos of me banging on stools when I was two years old.  I’ve always been obsessed.

Tell us the story behind A Darker Color Bright?  Where does the name come from?

The origins of this name reside somewhere in the crevasses of my subconscious.  When I find them I’ll let you know.

What drew you to this electronic ambient sound?

That is probably the most interesting question I’ve been asked yet…Ha… honestly, I have no idea. My hypothesis would be it’s my love and obsession with 80’s music. Love that heavy synth with the legitimate heart felt vocals…. gets me every time.

How do you go about putting a song together, from songwriting to composition to production?

I usually make an instrumental and then trial and error lyrics until something fits that I like.

Can you talk about some of the experiences that influenced Adcbep1?

Life, that ‘s  all. That and a lot of loneliness.

Is there a specific storyline behind Adcbep1?  Meaning, is each song a piece of a single narrative, or is each track a story unto themselves?  Can you elaborate?

I’m not going to elaborate, but stay tuned, and you tell me.

What production software did you use on Adcbep1?  

This entire EP was done in Protools at an undisclosed location.

With the anonymity of ADCB, do you plan on live performances or is this intended to be a content only project?

There will be a live show.

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