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Album Review. Saniye: Let’s Play


Saniye’s album Lets Play which was just released is bursting with a playful and flirty energy that is sure to put smiles on the faces of her audience.

The LP opens with “Pinball and Videogames” an ode to putting adulting aside in favor of what is deemed more childlike activities. “Never mind the bills to pay/I told my boss I’m sick today/staying in my kitty PJ’s,” Saniye sings with a bubbly effervescent tone that will grab listeners. It has an electronic instrumentation throughout that makes the song unique and goes well with the mood of the song. Reminiscent of something artist Eliza Doolittle could have written, or even Katy Perry, it’s relevancy is clear and begs to be a top 40 hit, especially when it has one of the catchiest choruses heard in 2016.

Next up is the retro inspired “Favorite Song,” which is very simple in terms of lyrics and melody, but that is exactly why this song works so well. It’s upbeat and Saniye matches that with her energetic vocal performance. Halfway through she even turns to rapping, which modernizes the tune, but clearly the throwback vibe is what makes “Favorite Song” one of the best tracks on the album. This is the type of song that one should blast and sing along to surrounded by friends at a slumber party as it can liven up any situation. It’s the perfect pop song, and with other retro influenced artists like Meghan Trainor dominating the airwaves, “Favorite Song” is destined to become a hit.

“Love is a Recipe” is suggestive and flirty and uses the theme of food to talk about a relationship. “I’ve got a chocolate heart/Let’s make fondue/It’s already melted thanks to you,” Saniye sings sweetly, and with a horn section in the background it fills out the song. It’s undeniably cute with further lyrics like “I’m the sugar in your tea/you’re the cream in my coffee,” and sounds like something that could have been in Waitress the musical. Sunny and delightful, Saniye knows just how far to push the theme, and her flawless vocal performance only helps to make the song even more satisfying. It’s the most unique song on the LP and one you should definitely not pass by.

The best song on the album, and yes it was hard to choose, is “Dr. Kiss Me.” It has a bluesy feel, complete with snapping fingers, and Saniye’s vocal tone. It definitely borrows from decades past, again playing into the retro sound that Saniye knows how to deliver so well, but it is definitely modern thanks to lyrics like “I need a house call if you know what I mean.” The light instrumentals suit the track just fine with the midtempo beat and will get many a toes tapping. Once more Saniye has constructed a theme/concept with this song and it works so well because she knows how to tell a story while staying in the confines of her own themes. The chorus is downright infectious and it all helps to make “Dr. Kiss Me” the standout track on the album.

Though the record is nearly flawless “Love Me 3x” and “Forever and Ever” also are great moment on the LP, there are just a few missteps. “Better Off Dead” comes off as too cheeky with Saniye forgoing actual singing to a cheerleader chant for most of the song. It still has that playful vibe that is Saniye’s signature sound, but it just doesn’t work quite as well here. “Bitter” sees an odd vocal performance from Saniye, feels dated and is not memorable compared to other songs on the album.

But Let’s Play feels fresh in the world of pop music and Saniye has crafted a near perfect record that this reviewer would recommend highly to everyone she knows



Compositions - 9.3
Brekaing Ground - 9.6
Engagement - 9.7
Lyrical Voice - 9.7
Production - 9.5


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