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Interview with Pryti

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ME: You can definitely hear some musical influences from Deftones and similar bands in your music, especially “Bitter Pill.” Are there any other musical influences you’d like to mention?

P: Yes Sarah Mclachlan, Finch, Ani Di Franco, Linkin Park, Michelle Branch and John Mayer.

ME: How has their music impacted yours? Sometimes artists tend to pick aspects of bands and musicians that supported or helped them along the way in their life.

P: These artists have impacted my life a great deal. Linkin Park got me into metal in my teens, it was at a time where I didn’t fit in and school wasn’t fun at all. I remember thinking at the time that I wanted my first album to be really relatable. My favorite artists/bands music definitely was an escape for me at times, plus I love how accomplished they are as songwriters and musicians and I always wanted to be like them.

ME: Your latest music video, “Bitter Pill,” has an artistic flare to it – the ballerina wearing the mask, you singing passionately in black and white. What should fans take away from the video

P: Sometimes you may feel lost but that doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself.

ME: What meaning does it have for you?

P: This song is quite cathartic for me when you constantly get rejected either personally or professionally it can get you down.

ME: With “Tales of a Melancholic” having been released in early 2015, should fans expect any new music soon?

P: Not yet I’m writing songs but I have to get the live aspect up and running before I record/release new music.

ME: Are you currently on tour, and if not, are you thinking of heading out on the road soon?

P: Not yet but I’m currently getting live stuff sorted.

ME: Is it surreal to have individuals from a different country than you originated from listening to your music?

P: It’s really awesome and quite unbelievable when you get people from the other side of the world saying how much they love what you are doing.

ME: In both comments on your youtube page and iTunes you’ve been compared to a modern day Lita Ford, how does it feel to have individuals make comparisons such as that?

P: Wow that’s so nice she’s a very talented lady pressure is on, haha.

ME: Do you have any goals for your musical career, as in do you have a band or musician you’d like to tour with, or be featured in a certain magazine?

P: I really want to write songs for artists of different genres, I’d love to tour with Bring me the Horizon, Deftones, Of Mice and Men, Lacuna Coil. I’d love to write with and learn from songwriters like Max Martin. To be featured in Billboard magazine, Rolling Stone, Kerrang magazine would be awesome.

ME: Anything you’d like to take a moment for and say to fans and listeners?

P: Thanks so much for listening it’s very nice of you all to take the time to listen and buy my music when there’s so much good music out there. Come say hey on social media, I generally comment back.

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