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Gallery: The Struts at Irving Plaza, NYC 03.03.16

The first time I heard of The Struts was in September 2015. They were on the line up for Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, PA. Their name stood out, so I went on youtube and looked them up. “Could Have Been Me” was the first video that popped up.  Eyeliner, colorful leather jackets, long shaggy hair and an anthemic song that starts, “Don’t wanna live as an untold story, rather go out in a blaze of glory” immediately grabs a hold of you and the next thing you know you’re singing the chorus at the top of your lungs in the middle of your living room and adding them to your festival schedule.

Remember when Rock was glam, fun, thrilling?  In the midst of electronic music, stripped down indie rock, and sugary pop, The Struts have surfaced just in time and are ready to take over, making sure everyone will be telling their story, especially what it’s like to experience them in the glitzy, glamorous and sweat drenched flesh. Their look is a throwback to the days of Queen, David Bowie and Aerosmith, yet they are genuinely refreshing. Frontman Luke Spiller has the flair and swag of the former musicians he is often compared to, but with the cheekiness, magnetism, vocals and custom designed outfits to make it his own.

The four-piece band from Derby, England released their debut album Everybody Wants in the US on March 4 and played a sold out pre-release show at Irving Plaza in New York the night before. Luke had such a command of the enthusiastic crowd and at one point while directing all of us, the young and the not so young, to crouch down he shouted, “You may be VIP, but you’re still gonna get your knees dirty tonight!” Needless to say, we all obliged in the name of Rock and Roll, good old fun and the spellbinding Luke Spiller. The Struts are currently on tour on the West Coast and will no doubt appear on many festival line-ups this summer.  So yeah, I can see why everybody wants The Struts.

Check out some photos from their show at Irving Plaza:

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