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Billboard Emerging Artist Ed Roman To Cut One-Of-A-Kind Limited Edition Vinyl Recordings In Brooklyn

Canadian musician Ed Roman will record unique vinyl masters in Brooklyn The top 25 iTunes Canada musician will record one-take live versions of his songs at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Brooklyn, NY. Knowing how much Ed values each and every person that listens to his music, I know that …

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The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina – Little King and the Salamander

The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina – Little King and the Salamander URL: http://www.merrymakersmusic.com/ Ryan Shivdasani’s New York based outfit The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina has made some serious waves on the indie scene with the release of their powerhouse effort Act 3 and, in keeping with their wont for subverting audience expectations, are pushing an interesting …

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Ed Roman’s “Red Omen” Video Gets Online Premiere At NY Lift-Off Film Festival Online

Award-winning Canadian musician Ed Roman has always created music videos that were both visually entertaining and, like his personality, a bit quirky and off-center.  From the red-pinstriped-clad “Godfather of Love” character in “I Am Love” to the bumblebee-shaded snow traveler in “I Found God,” Ed’s self-directed visual depictions of his …

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