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Album Review: Paul Robb Nocturnes

The talents of Paul Jason Robb sometime transcend words or expression of pen. The only way to appreciate is to listen and allow yourself to go on a journey through the many worlds of sound, feeling, and genres which themselves represent an interstellar experience of both mind and body. His first fully instrumental release Nocturnes is that journey beyond what some may call ambient, but this is so much more.


Nocturnes may very well represent the journey of this prolific musical career spanning 25 years from the founding of Information Society that brought us the popular “Running” and “What’s on Your Mind? (Pure Energy)” through television, movies, and advertising. Robb brings forth an instrumentation that goes beyond background ambient music and have you feel as though you have sprouted wings and taken flight.

Eight tracks on the album and each one represents a surreal journey, as though you have left earth to explore the other planets, each with similarities and differences, making each a unique destination all their own. Track one, “Nocturne 1” is perfection as a pre-launch sequence that allows everything around you to just disappear, set your path into focus, and send you on your way.

The tracks on Nocturnes represent genius instrumentation with sound as if it was an alive and breathing being. Part haunting, part ethereal, and all beautiful and delicate. Your transportation for the journey brings peace and serenity so delicate it’s almost as though the skin is being caressed.

As an early fan of Information Society, my only disappointment was that the technology CD+G used on the CD that included graphics was that I wanted more. That release was years ahead of its time, and is one that remains in my collection when others have long since gone the way of the sale bin. It was my own technology obsession that forced me to find a way to play the CD just to see the graphics and it was exciting despite almost no one knowing what I was talking about. Nocturnes produces in me another “I want more!” outburst.

With Nocturnes the listener will have the Bladerunner score experience from the Director’s Cut, and the result is nothing short of brilliant. To label Nocturnes as ambient is unfair, for the verses, tracks, or overtures one through eight are an experience of body flight that takes you from this world into other reaches of your mind. To experience Nocturnes is to leave the room with it, not just share the room and be around it. Enjoy your flight.

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Review By Valerie Cason


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