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Small Feet – From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.22.02 PMSwedish indie band Small Feet, aside from having a deliciously clever name, have a minty new sound relying on acoustic instruments and quirky howling vocals. The group’s second album From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean is a collection of just ten songs; each rumbling with overlapping guitar strums and sharply crafted lyrics, ranging in tone from deeply somber like in “And Repeat” to gently upbeat as in “Lead Us Through The Night.”

From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean was released August 7th, and although may be a long title for an album, its reference to relativity in relation to music is beautifully ironic. The album title, lyrics, and minimalist acoustic instruments allude strongly to rustic basics of human life and give a sense of being out in the wilderness surrounded by nature.

The two songs that are most skillfully fashioned (and have made it on my top favorites list of the year) are the two singles “All and Everyone” and “Gold” which really display the groups talent for melody and lyric composition. I catch myself singing them more and more throughout the day. Listen to them below!

A few tracks on the album are more peculiar than the two ingenious singles, but their talent is still heavily prevalent. Small Feet has a distinct sound that will definitely bring them to popularity within the coming years. The crew of three have a distinct winning personality in their music and media, and I look forward to seeing their work progress.

Check out their mesmerizingly beautiful video of their song “Rivers” below and give their whole album a listen on their website here.

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