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Ghost Lofts new EP Chocolate Haze

In Early June, LA-based electronic artist Ghost Loft released his first EP. This marks his first release that is not a single, which means he’s stepping up his game. Ghost Loft’s 2013 single “So High” was a hit thanks mainly to being featured in a Wiz Khalifa song of the same title.

The new EP Chocolate Haze features four brand new tracks that can all be streamed on soundcloud here. Or check out all four tracks and their videos below.

Ghost lofts minimalist, slow tempo jams are beautifully electronic with noticeable R&B influences. “Overflow” is definitely my personal favorite because of the experimentation with just a touch of trumpet. Although all four tracks are good, the final track “Phonograph” is the lacks the individual personality that the other three have.

Another thing thats very appealing about ghost loft is the visual art that accompanies the auditory art. With an aesthetic similar to Sir Sly, with minimal videos and all greyscale album art.

Ghost Loft is definitely up-and-coming and his next release (hopefully a full album) will be well worth the wait.

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