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Skiffle Lounge

Skiffle Lounge


Members: Harry Wilson- vibraphone Larry Hinkle- ukulele, guitar John Buck- bass Ryan Hale – drum and suitcase Piper-washboard and suitcase

The SkiffleLoungeSound is a fun, easy-going listen. It’s the kind of music you would want on the sound track to your life at one point or another. With a soulful voice and funky jazz sound it’s something you don’t hear that often anymore. Considering most young people today don’t really listen to very much jazz music.

It’s nice to hear this group take advantage of un-common instruments and use them as a tool. The only thing I would change is add a bit more bass. It’s a bit spacey, because there isn’t ever one certain chord playing. Adding that bass in would make this group an incredible touch to the jazz community.

Overall it’s a very enjoyable listen. I would love to have it playing while coming home from a long day of work and realizing everything I’ve done is worth it. I would definitely recommend this group to peers.

REVERBNTION: http://www.reverbnation.com/skifflelounge

By: Michelle Lopez

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