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Infinity Lounge

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Amir Hacohen, known in his professional musical name “Infinity Lounge”,has based the creative process of “Freedom”, the electronic/instrumental album, on his roots and vast musical background. Amir Hacohen is a multi Faceted musician, active with the best of artists and musicians in Israel. “It all started in my childhood, at home I listened to my father’s contrabass playing and it was very early clear to me that my vocation is music” says Amir, creator of “Infinity Lounge”.

While jazz is not a dying art form, it’s not always a part of mainstream music radio stations. When I think of jazz, I think of pianos, flutes and saxophones, and Infinity Lounge incorporated these things perfectly.

While listening to Stray Cat by Infinity Lounge it’s easy to get lost in rhythmic beats of guitar, drums, possibly flutes, and a jazzy piano. While It may be soothing it also sounds unorganized and has no variation of tone levels which makes it very easy to lose focus with what eventually sounds monotoned due to the lack of depth.

Over all its an easy, quick, listen, but nothing to get lost in. I see the potential in the group but they need to stray, (no pun intended) away from the elevator-music feel, or that’s all they’ll ever be.


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