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San Cisco “Gracetown” Album Review

Australian indie pop group San Cisco are back with their sophomore album. A project that has been in the works since the 2013 summer release of their self-titled debut album. They have been known for their bright, poppy sound and fun lyrics, but the single for this album “Run” showed that they would be trying a new direction. Or apparently a few; The new album released the 17th of March in North America feels like an entirely experimental mixtape. Each song has a unique sound, seemingly inspired by numerous other artists. It shows the range that the group is capable of and really shows off their musical ability.

This collection of tracks shows much more maturity than their last album, and is an extraordinary growth for the band. The group really pulled out the stops and tried a ton of new concepts, putting their own personality into it, and it truly pays off. Jordi does majority of vocals on the album, but lovely drummer Scarlett Stevens gets the third track “Magic” all to herself, and Isabella Manfredi of The Preatures is featured in the track “Jealousy.”

The album contains slower, darker sounds similar to Portugal. The Man, and Glass Animals. There is also experimentation with heavier electronics in combination with back and forth lyrics in “Super Slow.” There are even hints of Daft Punk in the electronic minimalist sounds of “Just For A Minute.” That being said, there are still strong moments that remind us of the old fashioned San Cisco, but honestly, their experimental music is much more entertaining. This album confirms their keen writing and playing abilities, and leaves us wondering what their next album will sound like.

Check out the music video below and take advantage of the fact that the entire album is available for streaming here.

Here is the overly-psychedelic music video for their first single “Run”, the indie-ness feels forced but the song is quality:

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