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Interview: LUXE

LUXE is an inseparable, irresistible sister DJ Duo from Southern California currently based in London. Danielle and Briana have such lovable energies that makes you wanna dance with them…and their incredible ear for music doesn’t hurt either. Check out my interview with them to find out what songs they’re into right now and their plans for the future:

You went from Los Angeles to London–do you see yourselves relocating somewhere else any time soon?

I think before we make our return to the US of A, we’d like to see ourselves back in The Netherlands, we left so much of ourselves there when we spent some time this summer. We have a super amazing team stationed over there. Shouts to the Legacy fam!

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

In 5 years we see ourselves traveling the globe, working with our idols, making music, and bringing it to different corners of the world.

What are some of your musical influences?

Ahh, so many. Everyone from The Funk Brothers to Kaskade.
We’re heavily influenced by artists that make us feel something when we press play. We look up to that power.

What does music mean for you/how is it important to you?

Music to us is everything. Its our journey on the tube in the morning, its our meditation frequency before a session, its our childhood, its our adult life, its our night out, It’s our day in, ya know? Music is so embedded into ourselves, we’d say its as important as Oxygen.

What are your influences outside of music?

Outside of music, I’d say we look up to our parents. Growing up, they taught us that if we want something, to go for it. Which is probably why we left LA to freeze our asses off in London haha

Where do you begin when making a mix for a show?

Usually we start collecting our favourites of the moment about two weeks in advance, we pick a dope opening track and and epic closing track, and about a day before the show we scrap that entire idea and throw something new together. We work in strange ways haha

What keeps you going through endless nights in the studio?

Coffee, incense, and herbs.

Who are some of your favorite DJ’s?

We are lucky enough to say most of our favourites are our homies, but big names, we’d say Kaskade. Mostly because of the nostalgia he brings on. When we started to DJ we took our parents to his sold out stadium tour at Staples Center, kind of to show them the brightest end of what we were getting in to, so they didn’t cry every night knowing we weren’t going to college.

Though you seem very natural performing, did either of you previously have any reservations about being in front of a crowd?

Haha we definitely still do, half of the hype on stage definitely comes from Tequila, and if you hear us speak on the mic during a set… thats 100% Tequila

Think about your ideal playlist right now, list some songs that would be on it.

Ooh top 3 right now:

1.Willow Smith ft. SZA – 9
2.Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp
3.One Touch – Baauer ft Aluna George (both the original and the VIP flip)

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