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Cedar Boulevard releases self titled EP

Cedar Boulevard have released their debut self titled EP. The band combines a mix of punk, rock and post-hardcore to create a unique sound all their own. From the catchy melodic vocals combined with driving rhythms and dual lead guitars the band has been likened to “Fall Out Boy crossed with Avenged Sevenfold”.

Originally hailing from Australia the band is now based in Los Angeles and is setting the standard for their musical peers to aim for by creating music that challenges the boundaries of genres and sets a new standard for others to aim for.

“Shorelines & Shipwrecks”, the first single from the Cedar Boulevard EP showcases all the above aspects and helps fans get a clear understanding of the band and their overall sound.

The full EP is available now via iTunes and can also be streamed via the bands Soundcloud.


Official Website – www.cedarboulevard.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/cedarboulevard
iTunes – www.smarturl.it/cedarboulevardEP
Soundcloud – www.soundcloud.com/cedarboulevard

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