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Cold War Kids – Hold My Home

Summarized in a word: Thundering.

Cold War Kids - Hold My Hands
Cold War Kids – Hold My Hands

Needless to say, the Cold War Kids Album Hold My Home, released October 21, is another impeccable display of Cold War Kids talent. It stays true to the bands past performances with the powerful percussion shown in “First” and throbbing bass demonstrated in “Hold my Home”. Not to mention the unparalleled smoothly raspy voice from Nathan Willett, who really shows off raw vocals in “Go Quietly” and “Harold Bloom.”

This is the fifth studio album released since their formation in 2004 from Long Beach, California. It seems like just yesterday when their fourth album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts was released; hard to believe that was way back in April of last year. Its quite a feat to have released another album so soon, especially considering the side project that two of the members are working on with Nathan Warkentin (of We Barbarians) called French Style Furs, which just released their debut album in July.

Like any Cold war kids album, its tough to keep from moving with the contagious beat, and the vocals are tremendous. I can’t decide if energy of the album is better described as a lightning storm or a cannon ball firing. Either way, it is formidable performance, one that would be impossible to fall asleep during. The album’s coherency makes it seem that the band has mastered their sound. The songs are faultlessly arranged and really show the bands potential. My only complaint and the reason it didn’t score 5 is because it all is too habitual for Cold War Kids. They have become comfortable with their sound and practically perfected it. What I hope comes next is some real experimentation with their sound to test their limits and set new trends for the genre.

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