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Interview with Bianca Hendy

What got you into music?  Music is just something I kind of always enjoyed and it wasn’t till I was a bit older that I realised it was something I really wanted to be involved with. 

What are you working on now? I’m currently in the process of recording my very first ep and hopefully that’s the start of what’s to come 

Who are some of your influences? I have so many influences but their has always been blink 182, The pretty reckless and tonight alive. 

What instruments do you play? I play guitar, also vocals. I write all my own songs too. 

What’s your writing processes like? Well I always tend to start playing something random on the guitar and the rest kind of follows I guess

What do we have to look forward too? Definitely the new ep, there’s some new sounds coming out of it. 

Where can we find your music? You can find it at http://facebook.com/biancahendymusic or http://soundcloud.com/biancahendy-1/coming-down-original


About Bianca Hendy

Bianca Hendy is a musician, songwriter, and artist from Australia. Bianca Hendy’s guitar skills combined with her warming vocal talents compliment each other perfectly to bring a raw and natural sound.


Oh yeah, and she does some pretty amazing acoustic covers:

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