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REVIEW: Dropcam Pro

I have been having some issues lately of people taking my things without my knowledge. Since I consider myself tech savey I took to Amazon looking for a solution. I bought a cheap $30 security camera and set it up to upload movement to a file server. It worked for a bit, until I realized it was near imposable to go through everything and if something happened when I was not home, I would not know until I got home and reviewed the files. I quickly returned the camera because it was more of a hassle then a help. I went back to Amazon.com and discovered an amazing solution called Dropcam Pro. After a great deal of research, I decided this was the perfect web camera for me, but before I tell you more about it check out there introduction.

While the Dropcam Pro has a steep price of $200, I believe it is well worth it. Dropcams footage goes right to the cloud with no setup and you can easily view your cameras from any computer or mobile device with a simple username and password. You also can setup smart movement alerts and get notifications on your phone. These notifications also tell you what activity is detected like your door is open, or someone walked down a hall way. It is incredible.

Dropcam Pro is an HD camera with amazing quality. It automatically switches to night mode (Infared) when there is not enough light to display a proper colored image.

You can view your recordings online, but have to pay a subscription fee. However this is worth it because you can watch up to 7 days back in time, and also save clips. When viewing your recordings, they easily show you when motion was detected so you can quickly review your footage. This is a great help when you are worried about your gear at home, have a pet to watch, or just want some piece of mind when you are away from home.

If you have any questions or comments about the Dropcam let me know!

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