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Violet Savanna is Chasing the Dream

Singer, songwriter and producer, Yana set out to follow her dreams and made a big step forward, move to LA to per-share her love for music.

While starting music production at UCLA, Yana took the time to focus on her solo career, being very hands on about it: She single-handedly focuses on producing, song-writing, performing and promoting her work, with strong D.I.Y. work ethics. Even though it is quite common to find songwriters with some basic knowledge of music production in this day and age of digital recordings, it’s quite rare to find such an accomplished artist who can rely on a solid technical background in the field and so effortlessly mix it with a honest and emotional attitude when it comes to song-writing and performing. At times, it might be hard for an artist to maintain a good balance between the technical side and the artistic side of the music creation process, especially when the artist handles her own productions. But this is definitely not Yana’s case, as showcased by her debut EP (October 2013).


Violet Savanna’s debut EP: featuring 3 songs, which highlight Yana’s songwriting sensibility and approach: her sound is somewhere in between the universal appeal of pop and the energy of rock, with shades of alternative and dream pop.

The sound of real, organic instruments such as a drum kit or a piano, blend in with analog-type drum machine beats, synth lines and other electronic elements, creating fascinating and dynamic patterns.


As an avid music fan, Yana treasured the lessons learned from some of her favorite bands and influences, including Bjork, NIN and Depeche Mode, Linkin Park and Thirty seconds to mars, just to name a few.


Her vocals are warm, soulful and bright, and Yana is very adaptable and flexible singer, perfectly complementing dark and melancholic tracks the likes of “Fallen Angels” as well as fully supporting, bright, lively and melodic tunes such as “I Want You To Love Me”.


The record, although only featuring 3 songs, showcases an impressive sonic variety, courtesy of Violet Savanna’s eclectic approach and diverse influences. Music aside, Yana imprints her personality on each and every single one of these tracks, truly pouring her heart out, expressing herself through her songs, penning honest lyrics about love, lust, longing, hopes and dreams.


Watch out for an upcoming EP in 2014!


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