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Single Review: “You Make Me Feel So Good” Xavier Toscano

Xavier Toscano has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and in his new single “You Make Me Feel So Good” he demonstrates to critics and fans both old and new how much he’s come into his own since entering the spotlight. “You Make Me Feel So Good” is a slickly produced and epically delivered mix of clubby funk and pop that features an important statement from Toscano in the lyrics. Confidently executed with a pendulous rhythm that injects anyone with a taste for good music with a dose of hearty adrenaline, this latest single from arguably one of the most talented new faces in pop has a melody that is as emotionally penetrative as its articulate prose is.

“You Make Me Feel So Good” is without question an amalgamation of Toscano’s influences compressed into a single juggernaut track that isn’t afraid to embrace its eclectic identity, but it’s not the least bit overreaching. There’s a lot of funk in the bass and the synth, but the drums have a slight industrialized pop bend that is as mathy and calculated as how this voice croons. There’s a lot of detail to behold here, so much so that I would call this the singer’s most cerebral recording so far.

There’s nothing overtly commercial about the construction nor the origins of this song that would ultimately leave us feeling like its narrative is disingenuous or artificial. So much energy is hurled in our direction at such a furious pace that there’s never any time for Toscano to exploit the different pop elements in the song’s hook, which is surprisingly streamlined from start to finish. “You Make Me Feel So Good” is affectionately stylized in an almost rustic, reverberating warmth that is unfortunately missing from the majority of recent output by his contemporaries. There’s no doubt in my mind that Toscano’s talents are natural (especially in contrast to his closest rivals) because you can’t teach the kind of grooves he dishes out in songs like this one. If he wanted to go with something a bit more flexible he easily could have – he’s choosing to give us something more challenging in this piece.

He’s just getting started in his career, but I think it’s safe to say that modern pop music has a serious new player climbing its storied hierarchy. “You Make Me Feel So Good” modulates in rhythm and harmony just enough for us to see that its composer is honing all of his skills and tapping into his most fluid style of singing. Toscano holds nothing back in this song, from the raw passion in his vocals to his dazzling direction of the beat. If any critics had their doubts about this young man’s skill set, they’re effectively dismissed with this single, which is a great addition to the already exciting lineup of new indie pop releases due out this autumn. Toscano should be getting out there in support of his trio of new singles sooner rather than later, and this is a great primer to whatever live content he has planned for 2024.

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