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Interview with Gabriel and The Apocalypse

Gabriel and The Apocalypse “Get Dragged”
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1. Who are your biggest music influences?
My biggest early influences were Nirvana, Pj Harvey, Fiona Apple, Hole and Nine inch nails. A couple of my newer influences are Crosses, Phantogram and Iamx.
2. What is you proudest moment as an artist so far? 
Playing 1st Ave Minneapolis to a sold out show,  playing the House of Blues in New Orleans and playing the Whiskey A gogo.
3. Could you tell us a little about your songwriting process? 
Jake will record demos of all of the instruments,  from there he will send it off to our producer John Wheeler.  John will send the song back to us and Jake and I do any final edits together. I then track my vocals with producer Wally J. Ulrich Wild does the mixing and mastering.
4. What was the inspiration for “Get Dragged”? 
It’s inspired by a close relationship in which I thought was unconditional and felt the foundation was so strong only for it to become toxic and unbearable. Having to let go of that person even though it was really difficult to do and the mourning that comes with the process of cutting people out of your life.
5. Did you face any difficulties when writing “Get Dragged”? 
We stuck with our process and I feel it went really well. How did you overcome them?
6. What is the experience like regularly collaborating with director Cody Hoffman for your music videos? 
Cody used to be a member of GATA and we have remained close through the years and have continued to work on many projects GATA has. He has never failed to make my vision come to life. I feel comfortable with you to express myself in from of the camera. He and I work well at bouncing ideas off one another and I’m always pleased with the finished product.
7. Do you have a venue that is your favorite to play at? 
Trees in Texas. But there are many great venues out there that we enjoy playing.
8. What is next for Gabriel and the Apocalypse?
 We plan to keep writing and releasing music. We also plan to start playing more shows next year.
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