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Active Metalcore act Forever May Fall release “Who You Are”

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Fake friends and dead relationships are at the core of Forever May Fall’s upcoming single “Who You Are”. If this is your first time hearing the name, it won’t be the last!

“Who You Are was written about finding out the true colors of people you thought were close to you. Friends and / or family that have betrayed you, acted out of character of the person they portrayed themselves to be. The video depicts the symbolism as mourning the death of the person you believed they were. How you used to look at someone with so much wonder and adoration, the way you see the moon and the stars, only to find out who they really are; nothing like the person they made themselves out to be. It focuses on the feelings of realizing it isn’t your problem to fix, and that you did your best with what you were given; but ultimately, however they struggle isn’t your fault. ” 

FOREVER MAY FALL is a Charlotte, NC based rock band that has taken their local music scene by storm. Formed in 2017 and comprised of talented musicians who share a passion for creating original music, Forever May Fall delivers a unique sound that blends heavy rock riffs with melodic harmonies and powerful vocals. Led by Frontwoman, Jillyan “Fox” Brennan, Forever May Fall has been making waves with their dynamic music videos and collaborations, leaving their fans begging for more. Their ability to connect with their fans on a personal level has earned them a loyal following, and their fan base continues to grow with each new release. With another single set for release this August, Forever May Fall is poised to take their music to new heights and solidify themselves as one of Charlotte’s most exciting up-and-coming rock bands. 

Stream “Who You Are” HERE.

Watch “Who You Are” HERE


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