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Interview: Honey and Blue talk influences and new music video for “All In My Head”

Honey and Blue “All In My Head” (pop/soul)

For aspiring artists migrating to Los Angeles from the Midwest and beyond, the promises of wealth and fame often overshadow other possibilities. For Adam Darling and Stephanie Amber of alt-pop duo Honey and Blue, their true treasure in the City of Angels was finding each other.Stephanie Amber, a self-proclaimed theater geek raised in New York, cultivated her powerful, Aretha Franklin-influenced vocals at home before briefly attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. In contrast, Adam Darling, a Columbus native, drew inspiration from heavier acts like Soundgarden and honed his guitar and vocal finesse by admiring the likes of John Mayer. Together, their musical versatility knows no bounds, effortlessly delving into high-energy blues-rock rumblings and settling into intimate sweet-spot slow-jams, fueled by their undeniable and battle- tested chemistry.

Now relocated to Darling’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, the devoted duo are taking their careers to the next level. Honey and Blue’s presence is felt not only through their burgeoning streaming success but also within the local community. Their live performances are a testament to their warmth and genuine connection, as they wholeheartedly share their joy with the audience. Post-show, the couple happily engages with fans, shaking hands and immersing themselves in the celebration of the vibrant music scene. So, take hold of your loved one’s hand and let Honey and Blue transport you into their world of homespun magic. With melodies that enchant and a dynamic stage presence, they create an experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Honey and Blue’s latest single, “All In My Head,” is a masterclass in seductive and narrative-rich songwriting. It all started when Amber found herself captivated by a stranger’s tale at an airport—an enthralling account of flying across the country for a brief six-hour rendezvous with a long- distance partner. Once home and united in their creative vision, Darling and Amber wasted no time in immersing themselves in the tale, swiftly constructing the song’s infectious and tactile riff-and-strum cadence as the perfect backdrop for their musical creation. Trading off verse-by-verse, the two reconstruct the desperate love story in all its luscious tension and passion. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself putting this one on repeat —resistance is futile against the sensuous longing expressed in Amber’s voice and Darling’s ferocious guitar.

In the music video for “All In My Head,” Honey and Blue take a new spin on epic and fateful love stories. Co-directors Amber and Darling bring us back to high-school days to express the playfulness and optimism that might have informed the cross-country lovers’ passion. The bubbly video tracks a High School Musical-esque narrative and oozes with ’90s nostalgia. From costumes to characters to moments of humor and bliss, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here.

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When creating the video for “All in My Head”, did you have any inspirations or ideas you wanted the video to follow?

We had the best time creating the music video for “All In My Head” and we were very much inspired by some of our favorite romantic comedies from the late ’90s and early 2000s. The concept came from a few questions: what would it look like if you woke up one morning and you were back in high school? Would you do things differently? Would you try to get a date with the coolest guy in school? Would you audition for the school musical? Would you shake things up?

What is your favorite part of creating a song from conception to release?

One of our favorite parts of creating a new song is watching a new idea develop into an honest and true story. It can start as a simple chord progression or a lyrical phrase and it slowly works its way into a full-fledged idea. Each phase of creating the story forces us to see the song in a different light. By the time we release a new song, we have been sitting with it for months and months. Finally getting to release it into the world breathes an entirely new excitement into us and into the song’s journey.

What was it like working with directors Stephanie Amber and Joanna Allen to create this video?

Being our own directors was equal parts exciting and intimidating! The most important part of our job was to tell an inspired story, as well as guide the cast and crew in a positive and fun environment. We (Honey and Blue) had a blast obsessing over the costumes, the set, and all of the nostalgic accessories featured throughout the video. We had a very clear vision for how we wanted each scene to look and it was an absolute dream bringing it all to life. Standing behind the camera and making sure every scene had a specific flow while at the same time moving the story forward was truly an empowering and wonderful experience. It didn’t hurt that the cast was INCREDIBLE! We can’t wait to do again!

How important do you think a visual is to accompany a new song?

We both have always loved music videos, and visuals are such an awesome way to express ourselves even further. A music video is such a beautiful way to change the narrative of the song if need be. The lyrics might be telling the listener one story, but the video is an opportunity to show something new and fresh, which in our opinion, makes it very important and very fun.

What goals have you guys aligned for yourself to achieve in the music industry?

WORLD DOMINATION… but seriously, we have so many things we hope to accomplish as Honey and Blue. We hope to be touring, ideally opening for an artist we love within the next year, and we plan to continually produce new music and visuals that we can share with our friends, fan, and our community.

What part did you enjoy most when creating this music video?

Working with this amazing cast was hands down the best part of creating this music video. The students came in with the kindness and professionalism of adults 20 years their senior. Krista Lively Stauffer was the most hilarious human imaginable. She came in like a force and made the entire crew laugh out loud the whole time we filmed!

Who are some current musical artists that inspire both of you today?

There are so many incredible artists that we look up to and the list is massive, but we currently really love Yebba, Olivia Dean, John Mayer, HER, Leon Bridges, and more!

What can we expect next from Honey and Blue? Anything you can share?

Without giving too much away… we have been hard at work in the studio! We are working on new singles, new videos, and creative art. We are pushing ourselves to continually evolve, create, and move up to a new level. We can’t wait for people to meet the new Honey and Blue. ::hint::hint:: There will be LOTS of color.

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