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So Much Hope, Buried. Unveil Infectious New Single, “Apparition”

So Much Hope, Buried. Unveil Infectious New Single, “Apparition”

FOR FANS OF: Holding Absence, Dear Hunter, Casey

Photo by: Tara Crawford

Band (from left to right): Andrew Blank (Guitar/Vocals), Eric Novroski (Drums), Derek Nowak (Vocals, Piano)


Watch “Apparition” HERE

Listen to “Apparition” HERE

Pennsylvania, piano-driven, post-hardcore, rock trio So Much Hope, Buried. have dropped their latest video/stand alone single “Apparition.” Through haunting lyrics and subject matter, SMHB have created a blend of grief and longing as their loved one keeps slipping through their fingers. 


Apparition is about a young man who starts seeing a ghost of a loved one. Every time he reaches for her, her transparent image keeps fading and reappearing.”

The video for “Apparition” showcases the band performing in a church, situated in front of a massive stained-glass window. Though completely shot in black and white, the story is told in colorful piano melodies, deeply wrought with heartbreak. With lyrics such as “I wish I knew where you are/In the afterlife/Seeking solace in your apparition/Reaching into the cosmos so I can find your ghost” “Apparition” exists in the place between life and death. 

The video for “Apparition” was directed and edited by Sarah Novroski, of Novro Studios. The track was written by Derek Nowak, Eric Novroski, and  Andrew Blank. 

ABOUT So Much Hope, Buried.

So Much Hope, Buried. is a piano-driven, post-hardcore, rock band from Pennsylvania. With infectious harmonies and melodies fused with heart-felt lyricism, SMHB aims to grasp the audience’s hearts and emotions with their music. Though a three-year project, So Much Hope, Buried. is leaning in a new direction with their work with the release of “Apparition.” 


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