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Single Review: INZO – “Earth Magic”

I love atmospheric harmonies like the next guy, but like many other music fans, sometimes I just want something groove-filled to dance to. Finding both of these features within the same song can be difficult to put it very mildly, but this season, that’s where INZO and his new single “Earth Magic” come into play. “Earth Magic” is outfitted with a surreal synthesized melody that becomes twisted in a patterned beat more evocative than I had imagined finding this June, and much like the previous songs INZO has released, it’s devoid of pop plasticity altogether.

There aren’t any real examples I can point to within this artist’s discography of his holding back when the wheel is in his hands, but with that said, he’s startlingly brooding in this single. With a hearty sonic boost from Elohim, his moves sound like the omnipotent force required to power a harmony as grand as this one into the heavens above. INZO never sounds in over his head here; his confidence is through the roof, and his interplay with the instrumental components in the mix is something that would make any pop aficionado drool.

The beats in “Earth Magic” are especially boisterous, but it’s worth pointing out that they never come even close to penetrating the melodic space. INZO is very meticulous with this mix, and along with Elohim, avoids all of the pitfalls that are normally associated with excess in the synthwave genre.

It takes a special kind of production style to make a song like this one sound as acoustically pleasing as it irrefutably does, yet nothing here sounds all that complicated in style. Chalk it up to experience, or perhaps good chemistry alone, but whatever the case may be, this duo was seemingly destined to come together for this new studio cut.

I didn’t have to listen to this track more than once to pick up on the emotional investment INZO has in its tempo. I would say that “Earth Magic” is multi-interpretive, particularly when compared side by side with some of the chart-topping pop music out this month, but I feel like that might be too great an understatement for me to make. INZO’s trademark romanticism is left intact beneath the instrumental pleas, and if performed in a more stripped-down setting, I think this single might even qualify as being a ballad more than it is a club-focused bruiser.

Anyone who ever said that making a perfect single didn’t know what they were talking about, but I do believe that “Earth Magic” comes about as close as INZO can get concerning the audience it was specifically crafted for. He and Elohim bring a lot of their personalities to the music here, but at the end of the day, this single is all about the man who is directing every major moment from behind the board here. Pop fans old and young can’t afford to miss out on this latest release from INZO, and the upcoming music he’s still got in the tank for 2023 and 2024.

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