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Single Review: Todd Curry – “Transitions”

You can say a lot about gospel sensation Todd Curry right now – he’s got charisma flowing like wine in the studio, and even when he’s trying to sound rather minimalistic, he’s got a larger-than-life personality that demands a reaction out of listeners before we know what to do with his look (and where it’s taking us). 

“Transitions,” the newest single and music video to bear his name in the byline, is a details showcase that doesn’t compromise technique just to give us something plain and predictable; in fact, I think it’s the exact opposite when it comes down to it.

The craftsmanship in this track is not limited to the cosmetics of the instrumentation at all but instead afforded to both the groove and the lyrical delivery adorning it, giving us balance and a brutish swing when he needs to utilize it the most. There’s a lot more indulgence that could have been extracted from the bass part in “Transitions,” but let’s face it – Todd Curry isn’t someone who has a lot of love for excess. You don’t need it when you’re putting together the kind of profile that he is at the moment, and anyone who loves his music knows as much.

Critical acclaim has been following Curry pretty much everywhere he goes in the industry lately, but I don’t think it’s influencing his ego at all. There’s a humble foundation to “Transitions,” and whether you’re familiar with what he’s recorded in the past, much of it to the praise of many in and outside of the gospel circuit, you can probably tell that he’s putting his all into the substance of the narrative in this song because it’s precisely what he knows how to do as an artist. This is all gut instinct and not some pose he learned from his peers.

The hook in “Transitions” would seem to suggest that ambitious rhythm is something we need to get used to as Todd Curry fans, and I wouldn’t mind hearing him go a little harder with the percussion the next time around. It’s obvious to me that he’s just itching to get a little broader with his use of groove to tell a story, and so far, “Transitions” is the best thing he’s recorded or played in any capacity. He can go a little tougher with his aesthetics and sound brilliant, and that’s hard to disprove when listening to this latest single.

I was told to expect a lot out of this player’s sound, but I can tell you now that I did not expect him to give up the kind of sensational performance he does in “Transitions” this June. Curry plays with fire just for the fun of it, and in an age that has been increasingly rewarding for those who stick with the status quo and try not to rock the boat as much as possible, his is a rebelliousness that is certain to get a lot of listeners in his fan club – and supporters critical and passive the same around the country.

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