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Single Review: Daisy Briggs – “Nice Knowing You”

I’m sure Daisy Briggs will be an enduring force in the music world for many years to come. The title song from her debut EP Nice Knowing You is resoundingly faithful to her personal experiences while building lasting bridgeheads to her audience that will stand the test of time and listeners’ tastes. Her talents began blossoming at an early age when she first began taking guitar lessons and took further root when she first exposed herself to the works of Sam Hunt and Taylor Swift, among others. Rather than imitating those artists, however, Briggs transmuted their influences through her own personality and now emerges as a young singer/songwriter with a singular and distinctive voice.

I hear plenty of Taylor Swift in what she does, the influence is obvious, but she’s not beholden to that model. If anything, she already boasts an arguably longer reach than Swift’s occasionally too specifically personal musings. Briggs, for her part, has a clear mandate to reach every potential listener and hopes her experiences resonate with theirs. I hear this in the song, its lyrics, her vocals, and the song’s music video.

It isn’t a solo visual performance with the singer enduring a dark night of the soul. Briggs, instead, commands the camera as triumphant, enduring all possible calamities, and rising above the past relationships that threatened to pull her under. The video does provide viewers with some context for what brought her to this point, but the majority of the clip devotes itself to a positive portrayal of where she’s at today. It is reflected in the physical way she engages your attention, depictions of her in appealing settings, and surrounded by friends.


Her voice is a marvelously inviting instrument. She has excellent control and a keen understanding of what makes for effective pop phrasing. Her sense of timing is impeccable as well. She is particularly attuned to the song’s beat and it’s wonderful to hear how some of the key words of her vocals pair with the percussion. 

It is thoroughly contemporary yet masters the necessary fundamentals. Briggs knows what makes for a substantial yet entertaining pop song. The playing backing her on the track, courtesy of Jake Saghi, has a near-effervescent touch, never overshadowing her vocals, and serving the song every step of the way. Anyone looking for virtuosic displays of musicianship should look elsewhere.

Material this good all but ensures that this Nashville-based singer/songwriter is well on her way to stardom. She is getting there on her own terms and telling her story. Daisy Briggs’ “Nice Knowing You” is more than just a top-flight pop song, it’s a personal statement that introduces us to her debut EP in stellar fashion rather than coasting along in a cookie-cutter and ultimately disposable way. We’ll be hearing from her for a long time to come. This single is just one more rung up the ladder and the sky’s the proverbial limit for where she can go from here. Following her trajectory will provide countless rewards. 

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