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Chad Bushnell Releases “Whiskey to Work”

Chad Bushnell is giving listeners personal stories from his past in new album Whiskey to Work. The California cowboy released a ten track country album. Chad’s music blends mainstream Nashville country with the Texas Red Dirt sound.
The album kicks off with the honky tonk tune “Whiskey to Work.” “Whiskey to Work” showcases Chad’s more playful and high-energy side. The artist takes a newfangled approach in his recent lyrics combining drinking patterns with Church. In the title track Chad proclaims himself “a drinking machine” and professes his love for whiskey in the catchy country pop jam.
Chad believes, “Whiskey To Work and Ain’t Much Changed are two songs that will get country music fans up on their feet and out on the dance floor.” The singer slows it down in later tracks “Pass the Sushi” and “Jesus Came from a Small Time.” The album ties up with classic country song “Ole Slew Foot.”
Chad’s top favorite artists are Vince Gill, Dwight Yoakam and Merle Haggard. Admiring them for their unique sounds, Chad has always aspired to have his own. Chad’s music exudes his love for the western lifestyle and everything that comes with it. The northern California country artist was right in saying “If you’re a fan of country rock, you’ll be a fan of “Whiskey To Work.” Listen to the new album out now streaming on all platforms now! https://ffm.to/nrx9ra3.OIS

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