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Single Review: Jen Ash – “Trouble”

Making music is about expressing yourself, but sometimes, it’s also about paying tribute to those who inspire you. There are many artists who pay homage to those who have come before them, and it’s always a fascinating when they do. Usually, the style itself will be a reference to the artist being paid homage to, but with a personal spin on things. This is exactly the case with “Trouble” by artist Jen Ash,  whose latest single, “Trouble,” is a tribute to the late and great Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse was a spectacular performer, reestablishing Blues and Jazz by adding her own classy spin on things. Her talent was undeniable, and in her career she’d become a genre defining legend. Jen Ash harkens back to Amy’s sound through her use of heavy brass instruments on the single, but also adds her own touches to the style. The result is a single that’s a joy to listen to, smooth in its execution, and also a fitting tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Jen Ash’s influences are clear, but there’s a certain unique sound to “Trouble” that’s fascinating to take apart. Rich saxophones and slowly piano keys really build up the single’s 60’s aesthetic, almost evoking the imagery of a noir film. It’s almost like an encapsulation of the sound and ideas of those times, but with modern production. It features all the trappings you’d expect from a modern RnB song, with extras that really make it unique to Jen Ash.

The way the song unfolds over its run time enraptures the listener is excellent, especially with the dark production that looms over everything. Again, this is reminiscent of older RnB songs, adding a cold veneer to the songs, but it’s pierced by the wonderfully brassy sounds of the saxophone along with the soaring chorus of the song. Jen Ash does a phenomenal job with her delivery on this single, with no low points to speak of anywhere in the song.

Overall, “Trouble” turns out to be a surprisingly interesting piece of art, both as a showcase single for its artist and as a tribute to another legendary performer. It pays homage, but more importantly it really plays to the expectations of the listener. While there are several trappings of other influences here, the total package is unabashedly Jen Ash, and the final product is simply an excellent piece of music. We cannot wait to see more from Jen Ash in the future!

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