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Single Review: Dude Reppin Knowhere “Super Dude”

With a buoyant swell to its main beat, it’s clear from the jump that Dude Reppin Knowhere isn’t looking to deliver a subtle collaborative single in the new release “Super Dude,” but instead something as robust as his personality is. While Dude Reppin Knowhere breaks off some righteous wit with the core verses here, the chorus turns the spotlight over to the beat, which lights up the hook with what could be the most endearing grooves I’ve heard in a song of this genre all year long. This is one of the few serious contenders to drop in the past month, and if you didn’t before listening to “Super Dude,” you will believe in DRK’s abilities after getting through this track.

There’s a degree of separation between the synthetic background and the naturally warm frontend in the mix here that had me feeling a little claustrophobic the first time I listened to this single, but as the song unfolds before us, it’s almost as if the instrumental faceting begins to join hands with the lyrics to create an unbreakable harmony by the midpoint of the track.



“Super Dude” is a multilayered pop composition that only seems like a cut-and-dry, beat-focused number through the second appearance of the chorus; in the latter half of the single, it blossoms into something wholeheartedly progressive from a lyrical and production standpoint.

While I wasn’t following the career of Dude Reppin Knowhere very closely before I got into “Super Dude,” I’m going to make a point of keeping an eye on what he puts out under this moniker in the future, and once you’ve heard this song, I think you’re going to understand why. The fire between this player and the medium is too hot to go unexploited in another go-round in the studio, and if it were me, I’d get back to business as soon as possible in an effort to strike while the iron is still hot.


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