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Tayiha’s New Release is “What I Needed”

New-true love moves fast, and it can be hard to slow down and remind yourself to appreciate the early fall.

In her new release, “What I Needed” Tayiha Grant describes a relationship that feels like destiny. When life moves at full-speed, finding someone who makes everything slow down, feels special. “You make me feel alive,” Tayiha sings.

Although learning to live her life slow, she is enjoying everything around her much more than before. With no fear, or second-guesses, she is finally able to move forward with confidence alongside the one she had been missing.

However, this devoted reliance on one person to make everything around you clear and beautiful can be a scary reliance to have. Trusting anyone with the responsibility of making all in your life enjoyable is usually not the advised decision. However, “What I Needed” describes the accidental appearance of such a person, not something you went looking for.

This unexpectedness is what makes this love so wonderful-feeling. Having something so needed come to you without even knowing you were going to be so much happier is an indescribable feeling. It is as if all the good you ever put out into the world is making its way back to you. All the more reason why the fading of this good-feeling can feel like your fault.

Describing that, “This love’s gunna roll like a river” pays note to the fact that whether positive or negative, this love and it’s control is unyielding. Whichever way it is running, good or bad, it will not be coming to a stand still any time soon.

It’s hard to accept the good and bad of something you feel is so vital to your life. However, with this new track, Tayiha has once again shown how she is too wise for her own good. This song has allowed her to connect with audiences like never before and the effects of such are already apparent.

The cinematic music video is out now, and can be viewed on YouTube: https://youtu.be/E2ybXtRLUNs

To help build such a community, you can keep up with Tayiha on Instagram @tayiha.official and stream her new song “What I Needed” on your platform of choice.

Article by: Jamison Costolnick

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