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Single Review: “Letter to My Past” Deige

Rap videos are too often overdone in a style that has become known to anyone who owns a radio, computer, or television in the past forty years, but you can tell that Deige was trying to step outside of the box when he sat down to develop the concept for his new release “Letter to My Past.” Although the lyric video is rather simple, it starts and concludes on the back of a very emotional message set forth by its soundtrack, which on its own is more decidedly assertive than what a lot of other rappers have been doing in similar cuts.

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Deige’s lyrical wit is made all the stronger here because of the way he’s attacking the hook, and I have a feeling that with any more intensity he would have sounded a bit over the top for what we need out of him in this session. He wants us to know he’s zealous about these words, but he’s not letting his eagerness eclipse any of the melodicism in “Letter to My Past” either, which takes a lot more self-discipline than many of his peers in the underground and mainstream the same know how to compete with.



We’re living in what seems to be the most important era in the history of modern rap, and it’s being illustrated quite clearly in this new single and music video for Deige. He isn’t self-righteous with his words but instead self-aware, and while a lot of his contemporaries might be comfortable recycling themes from the old school as their own in 2022, he appears to be interested in doing the exact opposite with “Letter to My Past,” and it’s making waves in hip-hop’s underground from one coast to the other right now. The future is bright for him, and if you think emotional rap is on its way out, this is a track to prove to you otherwise.


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