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Single Review: Pete Miller “The Raven & The Dove”

Soft, grounded county music is the good old fashioned music that makes up the sound of the Americas back in the day. These days, it’s a much rarer genre, for a plethora reasons. Sounds change, and over time, more and more music comes around to replace what came before. But, for some, this sound is the best, and for one Pete Miller, he’s happy to champion it with his new single, “The Raven & The Dove.”

When it comes to this genre of music, things are at their best when they’re kept relatively simple. “The Raven & The Dove,” understands this perfectly. Pete Miller keeps the music sparse and simple, with only an acoustic guitar serving as the main instrument for the song. Outside of that, there are no other instruments, not even any drums.

We enjoy complexity in music, but with this single, we feel otherwise. “The Raven & The Dove,” is very much about its content, the story being sent by the singer himself. To this end, the simple guitar works wonders to enhance the atmosphere, reminiscent of someone telling stories around a campfire. It’s warm and pleasant, and it complements Pete Miller’s singing wonderfully.

Pete’s voice is gritty and rough, but with a touch of warmth to it that makes it fit perfectly with this genre and style of music. Eloquent, calm and well spoken, “The Raven & The Dove,” makes for a strong showing off the country artist’s storytelling skills. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to nail a song like this, but Pete Miller makes it seem  impressively effortless.

Every word is sang with a tinge of sincerity and fondness, adding to the storytelling vibe. Strong writing from Pete also adds to the feeling, as a rolls out a tale that’s enjoyable classic and evergreen. All the sparse and simple elements of the song come together beautifully, resulting in a little tune that we found catchy, but also emotionally resonant.

Overall, “The Raven & The Dove,” is a fantastic representation of that old-fashioned school of country music, tinted with rock & roll influences that go beyond sheer flattery. It’s not often you come across a song like this anymore, and to have one of this caliber as a single is a welcome sight for sore eyes. We hope Pete Miller continues down this path, crafting a niche for himself and his talents as a performer!

–Jason Airy

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