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Single Review: “Worth It” by Young Cardi

Rapper Young Cardi has released his new song titled “WORTH IT.” This is a song that will make for a perfect listen for anyone who enjoys rap and hip-hop music. Also, anyone looking to discover new artists, in general, should also be sure to give Young Cardi’s new song a listen. 

Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, “WORTH IT” begins with an acoustic guitar riff that sets an emotional tone. While this riff is mid-tempo, the song picks up in tempo when Young Cardi’s first verse drops and the drum beat comes in. When considering the guitars, drums, and vocals mixed with a small dose of synths, listeners will realize “WORTH IT” has every element of a well-mixed song. Listeners will also instantly notice that it deviates from the standard synth-heavy sound that many rappers are using in favor of a more organic sound.

Lyrics such as “Seems like a dream/But I’m living in a nightmare/All I see is money but heart don’t want it” and “All the things that I went through, money don’t make it right” see Young Cardi looking at struggles and realizing money is not a solvent to every problem. Listeners will be able to tell that these lyrics come from the heart simply by listening to the emotion in his delivery. With a natural flow, Young Cardi has made a song that can connect with many. 

To listen to “WORTH IT” by Young Cardi on Spotify, visit this link:

To watch the music video for the song on YouTube, visit this link (https://youtu.be/AvNGsQqF7QE). Finally, to connect with Young Cardi on Instagram @youngcardi_, visit this link (https://www.instagram.com/youngcardi_/). 

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3sO8JFnogNjsWezJI6W3nW

Listen on YouTube: https://youtu.be/AvNGsQqF7QE

Connect on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youngcardi_/


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