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Single Review: Agaapi “Flying Feeling”

The world of EDM is a fascinating one in the eyes of an everyday music listener. While it may seem on the surface like a genre sprinkled with bizarre tones and a mishmash of shallow sounds, those who dig deeper find fascinating sound experiences that tantalize the earbuds. Today’s artist on review, Agaapi, is hoping to fit into the upper echelons of EDM with his single, “Flying Feeling.”

Generally, “Flying Feeling” feels like it doesn’t conform itself to the general mold that we understand EDM to be these days, and that’s a good thing. What we have here is an EDM track that takes elements of jazz-funk and marries it with some soaring synths to create a breathtaking sound experience. This is an odd combination, but we’re happy to hear that it works quite well.

The beat is infectious and rhythmically upbeat, which lends itself nicely to the synths here. Every single part of the tune is built to build up to another moment, and it does while still feeling airy and free. Soft piano keys and joyously harmonious synth hits carry the song through its moments. The result is a light and breezy atmosphere, a rare sound profile in the EDM genre.

In a way, “Flying Feeling” sounds like it’d be perfect for a high-quality theme for a video game, thanks to its catchy nature and how well it fits a specific mood. Build-up and anticipation are done beautifully, and once it drops, it captures that feeling of soaring through the sky freely, which we believe simply must be the intention here, considering it’s titled “Flying Feeling.”

It’s a wonderful sonic experience, one filled to the brim with fascinating flourishes. Even for someone who’s not a big fan of EDM, there’s a lot to enjoy here. From the uplifting feel of the track all the way to its crisp, shimmering, and clean production, “Flying Feeling” fires on all cylinders. It makes for an impressive showing, one that really shows off Agaapi’s chops as a musician.

Perhaps most importantly, “Flying Feeling” feels like the sort of song that carries a lot of personalities. It’s cheery and sweet, and it gets this across without the need for any sort of vocal performance. All of this is done through instrumentation, and for that, we’ve got to admire it. We’re really looking forward to what’s next for Agaapi, and we’re hoping to see more interesting experimentation in the future.

Link to the single: https://open.spotify.com/album/2pBzAEIWaYzTR56G5qUbfi?si=KayiOH_IS6e6jWKPTtVRZQ

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