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Single Review: Mayne “Still Gon Do It”

Mayne goes for a chilled-out and confident attitude with “Still Gon Do It.” Flows here cascade ever downwards, for the sense of purpose appears abundantly clear. Production has a lush quality to it, with the attention to the low end doing great work in punctuating the power of his words. Featuring a sense of vulnerability to the entirety of the journey, beats and the sample work together. Layer upon layer filters into the fray, making sure it all comes together in a way that has the refinement to it.

Delicate little flourishes introduce the song. From that initial spark, Mayne makes sure to incorporate ever more detail. With each reiteration of the theme, the song comes into focus. His voice proves to command, bringing the listener along this freewheeling journey. The stately procession comes from both his deliberate pacing as well as the overall scope of the sound itself. A great level of detail enters into the equation, ensuring that there is a great strength to it. Little flourishes help the evolution of the groove, which is heavyset and rather robustly executed. By far, the true highlight emerges from the lyricism itself, as there is a sense of life infused within every line.

“Still Gon Do It” features the grandeur of Mayne, for he crafts a style that feels outright striking.

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