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Single Review: “Tornado” Gorilla Apocalypse

In their new single “Tornado,” Gorilla Apocalypse don’t just want to put down a stock groove behind some sexy vocals and call it a finished piece – they’re letting a wild animal loose in the backdrop of this track, affording the carnage it will produce all of the spotlight when we crave it the most. “Tornado” takes from R&B, pop, and neo-soul, but for all of the chill elements it borrows from its influences, it partners them with a brutishness that is seductive, provocative, and quite telling of their depth as performers this summer season.

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First off, I love how cushy the vocal is in this arrangement, and the smoothness of the mix suggests that the verses were likely constructed ahead of the hook. In either case, the complementary nature of the music winds up being one of the most charming points of interest to behold in “Tornado,” if not a reason to pick up the song to begin with. The lyric video is rather barebones and simplistic, but why wouldn’t it be? This is an act that can let their work speak for itself without any of the Hollywood adornments coming into play.



I’m very intrigued at where Gorilla Apocalypse is going to take this music next, and if there’s something we can learn from what they put forth in the new single “Tornado,” it’s that sticking with the status quo in pop music is not something that interests them collectively in the least. What’s even better about this group is that, while they’re being outsiders to the mainstream model so many of their peers are ready to get down on their knees and worship, they’re not being rebels for the sake of being rebels exclusively. These are players with something to say, and what they’ve produced in “Tornado” proves that beyond any need for debate.


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