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Single Review: “Diamond Sailor” by Christian Parker

Duality in a narrative typically starts with a harmony, and in his new single “Diamond Sailor,” Christian Parker is showing us that rock n’ roll doesn’t have to be as driven by singularities as some artists might have claimed through a lackluster slew of releases in recent years. Parker’s split focus on texture and tonality gives him a lot of different avenues through which to make a point to his audience in “Diamond Sailor,” but rather than overwhelming us with a lot of poeticisms that are neither necessary nor palatable to these grooves, he keeps things simple – and ironically does more than a lot of his more indulgent contemporaries have in a long time.

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You can definitely tell that some money was spent on the music video for this single, but I’m not getting the impression this was because of any artistic shortcomings on the part of our singer. Contrarily, the elaborate setup is important for us to appreciate all of the working elements within the music, and the symbolism of the video doesn’t get lost in the mechanics of the melodies at all. From top to bottom this is very cohesive, and obviously the work of the artist exclusively.



For being a throwback to a ‘60s sound that a lot of people have referred to as one of the more untouchable in all of popular music, “Diamond Sailor” feels very much like a modern pop juggernaut that was crafted with youthful ears in mind. There’s more detail and intricacy here than you might be initially expecting, but at the end of the day, I think this only proves how committed to a specific concept Parker is as a songwriter. He’s leaving the excess on the sidelines in favor of putting his creative drive at the forefront of the game, and as a critic, I’m very impressed with the results.


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