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Single Review: Jeremy Rice – “Why Do You Lie”

What could be more universally accepted and understood than the act of dishonesty? I’m sure you’ve been there. Singer/songwriter and rocker Jeremy Rice takes on the well-covered subject in his latest song, “Why Do You Lie”. Rice joins the ranks of Fleetwood Mac (“Little Lies”), The Thompson Twins (“Lies”), Eurythmics (“Would I Lie to You?”) and many more with his latest track about deceit.

What isn’t a tall tale is the way Rice’s song makes the listener feel like they want to jump up and dance, play air guitar (and air drums) and just groove on down the street. Did I mention you will also be singing along like nobody’s business? “Why Do You Lie” is from Rice’s album, The End of The Highway. He’s also released a music video.

URL: https://www.jeremyrice.net/

Rice, who hails from Quebec, Canada, begins the song with the French line: Je t’adore mon amour. That’s translated to mean I adore you, my love. I hate to admit it, but it also reminded me for a split second of the Rex Manning song in Empire Records. Still, Rice grabs the listener’s attention and there’s nothing cheesy about his delivery, nor does this song not check a lot of the main boxes. For one thing, I can’t stop singing along. I’m always in the mood for a great pop rock song, and “Why Do You Lie” kept me spinning. I loved the burst of energy that makes the guitar work and the entire band sound alive. You can almost reach out and touch the fire in Rice’s voice. He’s the perfect fit for a front man and his cool audacity is to be applauded.



I think he loves this woman, and he’s willing to put up with her excuses and her lies because he’s in for good. He’s shaking his head at her and he’s letting her know he’s onto her game. I think he takes it with stride and with a grain of salt. He’s not moaning about it, he’s actually almost laughing it off. The temperature of the song is so lit with spunk and spryness, that it’s hard to even remember it’s about being lied to. I kept humming why, why, why over and over hours later. The melody is tattooed to my brain.

Rice and his band utilize a Lowe’s paint department worth of splotches and color schemes. Shapes and shades of the various colors are plentiful – along with what Rice notes are Andy Warhol-esque inspirations. The music video definitely lived up to the song’s vibe and brought the rhythm and beat to a whole other level. Even the font size and different poster-like movement makes you feel like you’re watching a living, breathing billboard. Rice directed the video with Mathieu Voyer and Phil Bellemare. They gave special thanks to Marie-Audrey Noel.


Whatever frequency Rice and his band are living in when it comes to “Why Do You Lie”, I’m a willing participant. Add this track to a song that not only is devilishly fun and uses the word ‘lie’ in its title, but truth be told, it defies expectations.


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