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Single Review: INDIGO – “Rock The Boat”

Singer-songwriter INDIGO has released the hit song and music video, “Rock The Boat.” This is her first song since 2019, and fans will find that this was worth the wait. Anyone who enjoys R&B and hip-hop songs should give “Rock The Boat” a listen, as should anyone who likes listening to songs with a chill tone.

“Rock The Boat” starts with some calm, tropical house-like synths, with INDIGO saying her name a couple of times to introduce herself. Soon after, she sings, “Every time you call me I come running to you,” cementing this as a song about her and someone she is in a relationship with. There is complexity in the songwriting, with some lyrics even taking on religious undertones: “Got me caught up in a rapture/Holy water need a Pastor.” In the chorus, INDIGO memorably sings the lyric “I got the juice indigo,” once again allowing first-time listeners to remember her name. The song title also comes from the chorus, when she sings, “Rock the boat/Want you to jump in my ocean now.” Suggestive lyrics like these indicate INDIGO wants to advance the relationship.

INDIGO also put outs a music video for “Rock The Boat,” which sees INDIGO with a man and background dancers on a beach on a sunny day. It is an enjoyable music video that compliments the song very well. Great job, INDIGO!

To listen to “Rock The Boat,” visit Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/57q43UOyqjKmKFVwXEEeyw). To watch the music video for “Rock The Boat,” visit YouTube (https://youtu.be/Eht24Dn_OTs). To connect with INDIGO, visit Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/indigo2official/).

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