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Single Review: Sp8ce Owl “Miami 1987 (Earth 246)”

Telling a story through music without using any lyrics is more than just a talent – it’s a gift, and it’s one that should be used to convey emotions that verses can’t get across on their own (at least very well). With their critically-acclaimed music, Sp8ce Owl has been experimenting with expression via alternate means in their music, and their new single “Miami 1987 (Earth 246)” presents us with another instance of powerful messages being sent through melodies, rambunctious rhythm, and a presence of instrumentation that comes in second to no other release I’ve heard since April came into focus.

The texture in this single is the primary replacement for any linguistics that Sp8ce Owl might have employed in trying to get a mood started in “Miami 1987 (Earth 246),” and I particularly like that the bass element is on the simpler side next to the other synth parts here.

While everything in this mix has a bit of weight to it, the bass is truly a foundation piece – as it should be – which is a different role than it’s been placed in by a lot of artists competing with the sound this player is calling his own here. He’s definitely among the most skillful of his peers, and his attention to detail in this release verifies that beyond doubt.

Critics are loving with Sp8ce Owl has been coming up with in the studio lately, and since this is one the more crowded talent pools the electronic music underground has known since its crossover to the mainstream over forty years ago, that’s really saying something about this player’s sheer ability in the recording studio. They aren’t stopping there; in the video for “Miami 1987 (Earth 246),” we get as decadent a feeling as we do from the song’s main melody by itself. There are no artistic limits for Sp8ce Owl at this point, but instead just concepts he’s yet to expand on.

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