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Single Review: Lindley Creek “Too Bad You’re No Good”

Lindley Creek continues to reinvent Bluegrass with their latest single “Too Bad You’re No Good.” Made up of the Greer family (John, Kathie, Jase, Katie), Lindley Creek has been innovating the genre for nearly a decade since they discovered it as a family back in the day. John and Kathie were looking for more family friendly music than what country music could offer and were soon introduced to Bluegrass. Each member learned an instrument and soon after that Lindley Creek was born. While Lindley Creek is solely a Bluegrass band, lead singer Katie is influenced by genres like Country and Pop, which is what results in their one-of-a-kind sound. “Too Bad You’re No Good” blends the best of Bluegrass with lyrics reminiscent of modern Country-Pop hits. It takes the best out of both genre’s and results in a unique and sassy single.

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When you hear “family” band its hard not to think of The Partridge Family or something you would see at a local event, Lindley Creek is not like that, at all. I would say that their a band first and a family second when it comes to their music. While there is a wholesomeness often associated with family acts Lindley Creeks discipline and dedication to making original music is noticeable. “Too Bad You’re No Good” is Lindley Creek’s brilliant take on falling for someone who isn’t good for you. For those who are unfamiliar with bluegrass music, its defining factor is that bluegrass is meant to be played on acoustic stringed instruments. The sound is unique and incomparable. “Too Bad You’re No Good” is set to a symphony of strings that pluck and twang in unison, setting the scene for Katie to effortlessly tell her tale of lessons learned.



Immediately the lyrics of “Too Bad You’re No Good” stood out to me. Delivered with ease, Katie recites her misadventures with a man who only knew how to receive love not give it.  My favorite lyric, that concisely paints a picture of who this guy is, is “You smile like an angel, lie like a rug/You wouldn’t change if you could/’Cause its in your blood.” “Too Bad You’re No Good” is hands down, one of the best revenge songs since Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” “Too Bad You’re No Good” doesn’t directly fall into the category of revenge but it does deliver some of the most tasteful and concrete disses to someone’s character I’ve heard in a long time. “Call the preacher, call the police/With a man like you its famine or feast” and “Well I talked to your mother, she knows I tried/ I talked to your brother, he’s on my side,” let you know that everyone knows this guy is bad news, even his family. The honesty in these lyrics is both universal and personal making “Too Bad You’re No Good” so relatable.



Katie’s vocal performance is what makes this single so captivating. She really leans into the emotions and the feeling that she’s reflecting on her experience. There’s this sense of that she’s really remembering how it felt “to love him so bad.” It makes “Too Bad You’re No Good” feel like a memory, a story, a warning, and direct message to this guy all at the same time. This layered effect also comes from the masterful plucking and singing of the fiddle that keeps the pace of “Too Bad You’re No Good” steady. Katie modulates her voice accordingly, keeping it low and husky or sensual and open. It keeps “Too Bad You’re No Good” evocative and personal. The backing male vocals round out the song with a bit of masculine energy that adds to the overall feeling. While Katie’s voice guides the story the strings are never lost. The fiddle, upright bass, guitar, and mandolin all can be heard coming together creating their unique sound. Lindley Creek allows the strings to have their moment which is a classic staple of the genre and makes “Too Bad You’re No Good” deeply atmospheric.

Lindley Creek will have you stomping your feet and singing a long with their latest hit, “Too Bad You’re No Good.” Lindley Creek is redefining bluegrass and what the modern connotation of a family band actually is. By incorporating the hypnotic sound of acoustic strings with modern lyricism and vocals, “Too Bad You’re No Good,” is elevated to another level. I guarantee you’ve never heard a song quite like this and once you do you won’t want to stop listening. Lindley Creek is a band to watch!


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