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Top-notch Musical Pronouncement has been delivered in Psyclo’s latest release “Trephination”

Expression with the help of music has been executed by several artists worldwide. Well, one artist that can never go unnoticed in this category is Psyclo. The artist has just launched the new track “Trephination”, which sketches all the difficulties and guilt she has been dealing with. In addition, the title of the track has purely defined how the artist has been overcoming a battle with herself. It is the lead single from her shortly upcoming EP ‘Slaughter House.’ The vibe that the artist has provided with the music video is one to admire as the clear suffering from depression can be witnessed. Engaging in such an enthusiastic yet amusing production is not everyone’s cup of tea in such conditions, but the artist has proved it wrong. From the director of photography Mike Williamson to production coordinator Henrik Larsen, people behind the track have put their heart and soul into making it stand out.

The artist was born in Yingkou, China, and eventually moved to Los Angeles to make a name for herself in the music industry. Being the director of the latest music video, the artist’s filmmaking skills and utmost precision in doing so can be seen. Genius songwriting and expressing complexity with ease are the key skills of the artist. Psyclo’s dedication to music has been observed in the tracks like ‘Planted With Pride,’ ‘City Blood Bank,’ ‘I’m Not Lovesick,’ and many more. The music video of the track “Trephination” is available on the artist’s YouTube channel and is currently streaming on Spotify. You can also follow the artist on Instagram for further information and all the latest updates.


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