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Single Review: HeIsTheArtist “I Want You Around”

An old-school funk and soul rolls through on the gentle demeanor of HeIsTheArtist’s “I Want You Around”. Sounding like one of those long-lost tracks from the early 90s, there is a tenderness that ties the journey together. The dreamy disposition the piece takes on incorporates glowing keyboards, dusty drum kits, and just the right intonation from the voice. Indeed, those vocals have a loveliness to them. With a gentle nod towards G-Funk, the sun-drenched atmosphere feels buoyant at times. Due in large part to the way that they allow it to all enter into the mix, it becomes easy to get lost in the chilled-out atmospherics that they trade.

The first moment rolls in and the song gets settled quickly. A limber, economical groove starts to evolve. His voice serves as a counterpoint to the glossy sound for he pours his very heart into it. Evolution here happens ever so slowly with the track creating a hypnotic trance-like state. Within the piece he makes sure that the compassion shown through each and every lyric has a poignancy to it, one that feels quite incredible to behold. Nor does it ever feel the need to raise its voice. Much of the joy behind it comes from the way that it has a lowkey demeanor to it, one that helps to bring it to its contemplative close.

“I Want You Around” revels in the exquisite earnestness of HeIsTheArtist’s lyricism, for each verse follows the last.


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