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Single Review: Sarah Sunday “The Sky Is Falling”

“The Sky Is Falling.” The new hit banger from Sarah Sunday! Sarah Sunday has just come out with the well-awaited arrival of her 4th and most brilliant single, aptly titled: “TSIF  – THE SKY IS FALLING.”  This latest release is fun-filled alt-pop ,with a tune that will stick in your head the moment you listen to it.

Formed from a chance meeting between Sarah Sunday and her producer, Mbj.  Sarah Sunday has delivered a string of poppy, punky, EDM tracks resulting in 3 # 1 singles on Starfleet Music Record Pool, multiple on-line interviews and well-received rave reviews.   After the success of Sarah Sunday’s previous 3 singles, “Come and Find Me,” “Mental Zoo,” and, “Ink, it was now time for Sarah and Producer Mbj to hit the studio and concentrate, and create! After a year of social distancing, “THE SKY IS FALLING” was born!

Guaranteed to be Sarah Sunday’s best single to date, complete with Sarah Sunday’s most catchy vocal hooks… giving Avril Lavigne and Blondie potential problems!   With driving rhythms, synth, and guitars, the track is a banger!

Catch the original radio mix, along with the Hyper Pop RMX, mixed by hip hop artist, Kenny Orlando and producer Mbj.

Catch the music video here


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