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Single Review: Parcels “Famous”

Hitting us with a funky beat right out of the gate, it’s clear from the onset of the new single and music video “Famous” by Parcels that we’re in for a groove-tastic time in this latest release from the critically acclaimed indie outfit. Although driven by its percussive prowess, “Famous” has a melodic swing to its narrative that makes elements like lyrics and poetic substance feel like an afterthought. In a blend of exquisitely indulgent harmonies and a rhythm that grabs us from the get-go and doesn’t let go, Parcels show off a talent for tenacity I didn’t know I was in for here.

As far as the video goes on its own, the classical homage to hedonism is a nice departure from the predominant themes of minimalism and surrealism that I’ve been seeing from other alternative acts in the past couple of years. We’re not lost in some existential theme here, nor does it feel like we’re watching something constructed solely to be artsy, and when juxtaposed with what the competition has been mustering up lately, I think it’s obvious that Parcels are putting a little more thoughtfulness into their output than other players in their scene are.

Instrumentally, the drums and synthetic melodicism that tie every beat to a lyric are perhaps the greatest show-stealers here, which isn’t to say that our singer is failing to spellbind with his light, airy lead vocal. Truth be told, were there a different group of musicians at the helm of this material other than Parcels, I can’t say whether or not this composition would have come out as seamlessly as it did. The harmonies admittedly had the potential to get muddled in the thrust of the groove, but thanks to the precision these guys are rocking, that’s never a concern at either end of the track.

If you’re hearing a lot of buzz about Parcels but aren’t sure whether or not you want to buy into the hype, I’m telling you now that it’s well worth giving this band a shot – and their new single “Famous” confirms as much. Between their acerbic approach to aesthetical hybridity and the general moxie they’ve got when it comes to putting past concepts together with futuristic models, they’re on the right path towards blowing up a corner of the market that will soon be theirs and theirs alone, and as far as post-MGMT groove-makers you should give a spin before January ends, “Famous” really is as good as it gets.

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