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Single Review: Dre’Co “Way Up”

Aggression can be the cornerstone of success when it’s utilized in the right fashion, and in his new single with Asia Major, titled “Way Up,” rapper Dre’Co gives us a pretty good example of what it sounds like when hard-hitting rhymes find the right stage to shine on. Without overindulging in his attack, Dre’Co gets downright dirty with the verses here, slamming us with an anti-melodic hammer that somehow winds up interwoven with the hook in this track excellently, leaving just enough room for Asia Major to lend a little magic to the chorus. It’s lean, it’s mean, but more than anything else, it’s a fine representation of skill.

The chemistry between these two players is amazing, and I love that it isn’t overstated in the mix. For the most part, when Asia Major is at the mic, it’s her spotlight to own, and vice-versa. Scarcely does Dre’Co sound like he’s in a rush to hit the climax here; contrarily, he knows that his collaborator is on the other side of the groove just waiting to outfit the hook with a melodic faceting perfect for this kind of a jam. Their connection here begs but one question – with vibes this strong, who even needs a bassline to work off of?

These lyrics feel as natural as the exchange between Dre’Co and Asia Major, with the former’s set of verses coming together in such a smooth arrangement that I was left wondering how much time he must have spent ironing every word out to sound as fluid as they do here. He’s definitely got a talent for connecting the dots in a way that brings to mind some of the best rap battles I’ve ever experienced on the street level, and better yet, he’s more polished in his delivery than a lot of the players you’ll hear coming up through the underground right now.

If you want a rapper who isn’t putting big beats ahead of his poetic strengths, Dre’Co is the man to go see right now. With Asia Major by his side, he drops a firebomb of a single in “Way Up” that has me very curious to hear what his next EP or full-length is going to sound like. I hope this isn’t the last time these two collaborate together, but if it is, I think both can rest assured that their work here is going to go a long way towards bringing them more exposure around the country.

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